Our Mission

We exist to facilitate the development of healthy communities through partnerships with Haitian churches and organizations to encourage sustainable physical, spiritual and economic health; we desire to communicate Christ-centered compassion as well as respect for the dignity and resources of the Haitian people.

HOPE partners with the Global Orphan Project (or GO Project) and Haitian evangelical churches to build “villages” to care for orphaned and abandoned children. This care includes housing, food, clothing, education, and clean drinking water as well as efforts to reunite these children with families (where possible) or find appropriate homes with families who have hearts for these precious little ones.

The schools we build will serve the orphans and children from the surrounding community.  In addition, we seek to facilitate the establishment of micro-business enterprises such as sewing centers, agricultural  projects, bakeries, and clean water centers.  These not only provide sustainable resources for the orphans, but jobs for Haitians and a means of income to  support the “villages.”

Through the Hope Medical Project we desire to serve the medical needs of orphaned and abandoned children, as well as, the surrounding community. We seek to gain nothing, except the joy associated with providing adequate and affordable care.