Giving Thanks


During this season of giving thanks, we want to say “Thank you” for your generous support this year. Looking back over 2015, we have much for which to be grateful; especially for you. Your prayers, your participation in trips to Haiti, and your financial support have enabled us to accomplish so much in helping the most vulnerable of the people in Haiti through:

  • The opening of the Hope Klinik, providing medical care and medicine for some of Gonaives’ poorest
  • Mobile clinics to area orphanages and surrounding villages, providing healthcare to orphans and those with no access to doctors and medicines
  • The Tuition for Transformation program, provides schooling for 20 children in families that otherwise face the difficult decision between paying for school or food
  • The Saturday Kids Program, providing an opportunity for over fifty kids to receive a nutritious meal, enjoy a time of singing, dancing and playing, as well as a time of Bible stories and a presentation of the Gospel message
  • The Formula for Babies Program, providing infant formula for babies whose mothers have died, or abandoned them, and are being cared for by family
  • The Weekly Soccer Program, providing us a chance to meet and play with 40-50 kids per week, building relationships through the “universal language” of soccer and sportsmanship
  • Employment for the people who support our work in Haiti, providing them with jobs and the chance to provide for their families, keeping kids in their homes and in school, and putting food on their tables
  • Supporting our team on the ground in Haiti, providing the opportunity to be your hands and feet in caring for “the least of these”

None of this would be possible without you!

Our plans for 2016 include:

  • Expanding the clinic operations staff to increase our capacity to see more patients each week
  • 6-8 Vision and Medical trips, http://haitiorphanproject.org/trip-faq/ (updated as new dates added)
  • Doubling the size of the Tuition for Transformation and Saturday Kids Programs
  • Launching our Economic Development program to create opportunities for adults to provide for their own families through jobs and business opportunities

To accomplish this, and more, we need your help and continued support. As we enter into the holidays and the season of giving, we ask that you prayerfully consider supporting our work through your prayers and financial gifts.

Please help us continue in this important work by making a tax deductible gift to the Haiti Orphan Project. One-hundred percent of your donation goes to the work in Haiti. You can donate here or by sending a check to: The Haiti Orphan Project, 135 W. Adams Ave., Kirkwood, MO 63122

You are making a difference in the lives of children and their families. You are making it possible for children and parents to remain together. With your help, we can finish 2015 strong, and make 2016 the year in which many more will give thanks!

Thank you!

The HOPE Team

Orphan Prevention! Running Helps.


The 5th annual HOPE 5K was held on September 26, 2015. We are pleased to report that from all sources we raised $17,081.80! Thank you to our race participants and sponsors for making this possible. You make it possible for us to continue to help prevent orphans by providing education for children, health care for families in our community, and job development.

Enjoy this video from race day! And thank you Grace Luttrell Pettit for our video.


Josena and Jedson | Tuition for Transformation | Saturdays | New Way to Communicate


HOPE Through Education

Josena and Jedson, the two students highlighted below, are part of our Tuition for Transformation program. This name aptly describes what we are trying to do through our education sponsorship program. We want to use donated funds to transform the lives of these children and to help keep families together; basically orphan prevention. We have set the sponsorship at $40 per month based on our best estimates. We are working hard to track the funds in this our first year so that we will have a more accurate picture of all school and program related costs by next school year.

Josena Orelus



Background:  Josena is 13 years old and is in 5th grade. Her father died several years ago and she has not seen her mother in 2 years, and as such has spent the last 3 years living with her dad’s sister and family. She has an older brother and sister as well as a nephew, all living with her aunt and 5 cousins in a small mud house. Josena, however, is very grateful for her aunt and cousins and loves living with them. She is thankful for the Tuition for Transformation program because she has missed the last 2 years of school because her aunt, who lost her husband 2 years ago, was trying to keep her own 5 children enrolled and everyone fed. Her aunt has a very physically demanding and low paying job, selling salt she harvests from the salt flats along the ocean.

Interests: Josena’s favorite subjects in school are Creole and Social Science, but she added that she really loves everything about school. Josena loves music and really wants to learn to play the piano. Everyday she watches someone teaching keyboard down the road and she mimics the finger movements.

How can you pray for Josena:
Her primary concern is that the Lord would continue to provide a school sponsor for her. She promises to work hard so that she can make a better life for herself and her family.

Jedson Corvil



Background:  Jedson is 18 years old and in 8th grade.  Jedson’s family includes his mom and three brothers, two younger and one older. Jedson is thankful for the Tuition for Transformation program because it has lightened some of the financial burden his mother feels.  She sells plasticware in the market, but business has not been good and she recently told Jedson that if it was not for this program he and his brothers would not be attending school this year. Jedson has missed a total of 3 years of school due to financial hardship.

Interests:  Jedson’s favorite subjects in school are the languages, particularly Creole and English.  He is a quick learner and as such, we have enrolled him in an english as a second language school here in Gonaives, which he attends twice every weekend. (English is an important skill here in Haiti where it can lead to a job or at least well-paid supplementary work as a translator). Jedson’s main goal in life is to be a professional soccer player so that he can help change his family’s situation.  Jedson also enjoys the arts, particularly music and dancing.

How you can pray for Jedson: He has requested that people pray he would become a great soccer player or that he would find some other way to support his family.

We are still in need of sponsors for other children in the Tuition for Transformation program. Click HERE to make recurring or one-time donations – $40/month or $480/annual.

Tuition That Transforms

We are now a little over two months into our new programs and have been reminded that in Haiti you can move forward with your best plan, but must always remain flexible, being prepared to adapt as plans unfold. This has been the case with our Saturday Kids Program. Our focus in starting this program was to build relationships within the community, as well as to get to know the families in our Tuition for Transformation program better. By the time we were into our third week and had 250 kids showing up, we realized this wasn’t going to work. We weren’t getting to spend time with any one kid, in fact, we were simply trying to control the massive amount of energy that builds when you have that many kids in a small space. As you can imagine this is not the best way to build relationships.

After much prayer and discussion, we made the following changes to the program. Beginning the last Saturday in October, we decided to focus our kids program on the children and families we are currently working with in our sponsorship program. We will continue to share a meal together (which provides three women part-time work), play games with the kids, and have a teaching time led by Volcy. This allows us to spend more time building relationships with the families we are working with and provides a great venue for our monthly parent meetings. This allows us to focus our resources more directly on the families themselves and is a more efficient use of time. Once we settle in, perhaps early in the New Year, we can begin interviewing more families who meet the criteria to grow our sponsorship program for the next school year. Instead of waiting until next September to begin working with new families we can start building the relationships now by adding them to the Saturday Kids Program.

We feel good about these changes and are thankful that God has graciously directed us to a program more in line with Tuition for Transformation (our school sponsorship project) and the relationships we are trying to build. Volcy and Luke had a meeting to discuss the proposed changes with the moms in our program and they were very encouraging. They are eager to help and committed to show up and get involved. Please pray that God uses these changes to develop deeper relationships and that the smaller numbers allow Volcy the opportunity to use his gifts and story in a deeper more powerful way for God’s glory.

We are still in need of funding for our Saturday Kids Program and the Tuition for Transformation initiative. You can help us immensely by sponsoring/donating. Click HERE to make a tax-deductible donation.

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