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The Haiti Orphan Project’s mission statement: We exist to facilitate the development of healthy communities through partnerships with Haitian churches and organizations to encourage sustainable physical, spiritual and economic health; we desire to communicate Christ-centered compassion as well as respect for the dignity and resources of the Haitian people.

Certainly the medical needs of the children in orphanages supported by HOPE are part of their “physical needs.” In addition, the needs of the community are of great importance as well. One of our church partners in Haiti, The Philadelphia Evangelical Church, has a vision to care for orphaned and abandoned children. That is obvious. They also have a vision to provide assistance to the surrounding community. This includes providing affordable or sponsored education as well as medical services.

Medical services, even basic preventative care, are difficult to find. There is a severe shortage of physicians and nursing personnel in Haiti. Where there are medical providers, facilities and supplies are often inadequate. In addition, medical care is expensive. Most families simply do not have the means to pay for services even when they can be found.

The HOPE Medical Project is an arm of the Haiti Orphan Project (HOPE). Our vision is to come along side our partner churches to assist them in their vision to provide adequate medical and dental care to the orphans in their care as well as adequate and affordable medical and dental services to the wider community.

Our goals include helping to establish a fully functional medical clinic near the orphanages we support. Plans are that these clinics are staffed by Haitian medical personnel to provide basic medical care for common illnesses such as malnutrition, malaria, anemia, high blood pressure as well as general illnesses and open sores which can be life threatening if left untreated.

In addition, a general “wellness” program would be desirable. This program would include educating Haitians about proper hygiene  to help prevent the spread of sickness and disease.

Until a clinic is established, HOPE trips will normally include either a MD, a nurse or both. Trips will include opportunities to make general observations of the orphans as to their medical condition as well as more intentional thorough exams of the orphans as well as people from the surrounding community, as staffing allows.

Three ways to help the HOPE Medical Project.

  1. Give. Funds will be needed to establish a clinic in Haiti. Additionally, there will be personnel to hire and maintain along with keeping supplies in ready quantities.
  2. Get Involved Personally. Are you a medical professional? Many medical professionals in North America have particular skills and training in medicine and dentistry which can be quite helpful. If you are interested in going to Haiti to come alongside the Haitians and serve the medical needs of the community, please contact us at HOPE.Medical@haitiorphanproject.org.
  3. Donate items from our current medical supplies needs list. You may drop them off or send them (or have them sent via Amazon) to HOPE, 135 West Adams Ave., Kirkwood, MO 63122. Contact Julie Brouwer, HOPE Medical Director, for more information.

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