Village de Vie

Village de Vie means “Village of Life” in Haitian Creole. Our partner in the Gonaives village is the Philadelphia Evangelical Church led by Pastor Pudens Innocent.  The Philadelphia Church is located about two miles from the church home for kids and the school site.  Phase I was completed in January 2012 and the entire project includes building plans for church homes for up to 100 children and a school for up to 250 children.

The village is in the city of Gonaives, a city about three hours north of Port au Prince. Ongoing care includes housing, food, clothing, education and clean drinking water.  The schools we build serve the orphans and children from the surrounding community.  In addition, we help establish micro-business enterprises such as sewing centers, agricultural  projects, bakeries and clean water centers.  These projects provide sustainable resources for the kids, skill training for the older children, jobs for Haitians and a means of income to support the “village.”

Ongoing costs associated with caring for these orphaned and abandoned children is $50 per month for an orphan and $20 per month to provide education and a meal to community children.